Spicy Beans and Sausage — 4 Comments

  1. Hah! Another year or two. Feels like it, doesn’t it?

    Hubs would love this dish with all those peppers in it.

    I’ve been in my tiny, local meat store, but not in a regular grocery store in two months now and the meat store, maybe three times. We’re mandated to wear masks in stores and such but of course, there are those who won’t. I’m trying not to go in anywhere not only because of my lung issues, but my allergies are terrible and I’m still afraid of that flogging should I cough or sneeze in the store. So I’m still picking up my order and except for the Spam which the store hasn’t gotten a delivery of in about a month and a half, this last two pickups had everything else I needed so there’s that.

    • I expect it will be that long before there’s a vaccine. And, as they say, opening up doesn’t mean it’s gone – just that there’s more room at the hospital for you. We’ll be careful until we’re vaccinated. I’m thinking that I’ll alternate an in-store visit with pick-up. There are some things that just never seem available on pick-up which I can either find or find a substitute in the store.

  2. We will have washed our skin off by the time a vaccine emerges !! Were they disinfecting the trolleys ?

    • They said they were but I didn’t see it. There was disinfectant at the door but by then I’d pushed the trolley from the parking lot so why bother. I wore disposable gloves