Tuna & Pea Risotto; exciting times — 4 Comments

  1. Love your risotto recipes. I always keep a bag of peas in the freezer. You just never know. I was going to have a tuna sammie for lunch yesterday but, Oh Noes! No tuna!

    I have ordered more.

    I’ve had to cover my delicate plant the last three nights. The one I thought was a fritillaria that had shot up three feet the week before due to the warmer weather. Well…I didn’t cover it the first night and it keeled over, so I’ve tried propping it up and have been covering it. I could never find a picture of that specific fritillaria though and wanted to know if the frost was an ending to it for this year. After a couple hours of searching because Google didn’t even return a fritillaria when I did a photo search, I finally figured out exactly what it is. It’s Allium Siculum! Better known as Honey Garlic. Seeing as how I can’t post a picture here, I’ll let you look it up. But it’s a beautiful plant. I’m really hoping it didn’t die.

    • I looked it up – very pretty, I hope it survived to bloom. We’ve had cold this week, too but not below 40F so things look fine. I hadn’t planted any basil yet as I know that doesn’t like anything below 50 – same for the beans. Maybe next week

    • yes, the form – I always remembered it walking out the door and had to go back lol Finding masks has became a challenge tho – and it shouldn’t be.