Turkey & Feta Veggie Skillet; little things — 8 Comments

  1. I crush eggshells and put them around the plants that the slugs like. And crushed mothballs around the tulips, which the rabbits around here are quite fond of. 🙁 I sympathize – for someone that doesn’t go shopping very often, I miss the stores being open. And the restaurants…but I see one of my favorites opened today for delivery. Hooray!

    I like your skillet recipes – though I’ve had to be a bit inventive with what I have on hand.

    A “Stay at Home” order really make you realize how many things you take for granted, doesn’t it?

    • Crushed mothballs! I’d forgotten that one. My mother used to do that. Now…. to find mothballs Amazon, of course.
      Eggs have been scarce here, and the shells work until the magpies steal them lol.
      I have no problem with the stay at home bit… until I do. Then I realize that I have to do more planning. Yes, we take far too much for granted.

  2. You can use food grade diatomaceous earth. It’s extremely effective but must be sprinkled after a rain when things are dry again. I usually reserve it for just inside the doors since that’s where the bugs come through.

    I have a canned corn souffle recipe that’s sort of a cross between cornbread and pudding. It’s awesome! You can add onions and peppers, just about anything you want to it, but it’s very good and pantry/fridge friendly. Very yummy.

    It rained all day here today and is still raining. Hubs was going to grill our delmonico steaks on the grill, but it was raining too hard for that so I pan seared them and finished them in the oven. They were perfect, but it would have been nice not to be the one cooking my mother’s day dinner *sigh*

    • The slugs are terrible at the moment because of non-stop rain. It seems like they love to crawl across mud but when it’s dry they tend to stay off the dirt. It’s so frustrating. Sunshine is in the forecast so there is a bit of hope.
      Yes, we don’t like to grill in the rain either…. sometimes he just does it in the barn. lol

  3. I spread my slug bait around the perimeter to keep the slugs away. I use water-resistant pellets which last longer

    • In theory, that should work… but something eats the pellets. I think it may be rats or mice. I had an entire box dragged out of the barn, spread across the drive last year. I noticed it when I left to go to class. When I came back they were almost all gone. I just keep putting them out until the plants get big enough to not be destroyed. After that they’re on their own