Bread Baking Babes Bribe Bees — 13 Comments

  1. As usual, I love seeing all the breads together! And I also really like that you don’t divulge who has a Pullman Pan, and who doesn’t. Although, it might be sort of obvious from the final breads….

  2. Thanks for the roundup! All the breads look so lovely. However, I believe some of the links are pointing to the Cottage Loaves instead of the Bee Keeper’s Loaves.

    • For some reason Gutenberg does not like to change links. I double check, all is well, then I publish and half revert. I think they are all correct now. Thanks for letting me know

  3. Ah Thank you again … altogether, yes you always make us look good. There does seem to bee 🐝 agreement here that this is a bread worthy of baking again!

  4. The most white flour I’ve ever seen with all of us together! And they are all beautiful, such a great recipe.