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Delicious Mason Jar Recipes to Try Right Now — 6 Comments

  1. I use mine for making Limoncello. Lemon peels + vodka (the stronger the better) put in a dark place for 3-4 weeks (or longer). VOILA! Limoncello! Did I mention I have lemon tree in the back yard?

    • What a great idea! Limoncello! I need to try that this summer. And lucky you to have lemon trees. I tried, unsuccessfully, to have a lemon tree.

  2. I use glass jars for storage and canning, and I finally realized if I use them for drinking, I’m not upset when they break. I just pull out another one. They’ll still match. Lunches in our house though still go in plastic tubs, which I use until they’re cracked to pieces because when you walk almost a mile to your desk from the parking lot, glass gets pretty heavy.

    • My tupperware is all cracking – shame, it’s only 30 years old…. It’s hard to find plastic here. Almost everything is glass, now. so might as well use what I already have lol

  3. I love drinking iced tea out of Mason jars (the medium sized ones). But it never occurred to me to use them for salad! The salads and slaws look wonderful!

    But. Just say no thank you to an omelette in a Mason Jar. 😉

    • All of our jars have the metal ring and glass cap so they won’t be going into the microwave, We use the jars that are forbidden in the US lol

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