Easy Savory Beans; lost — 4 Comments

  1. Well, I hate to tell you this then, but the recipe picture isn’t showing up at all. I’ve refreshed and even done a console inspect and I don’t see it. 🙁

    I think we’d like this recipe. I do buy canned beans and for whatever reason, I love canned green beans, but I’m not big on any other canned veggies. I keep a can of creamed corn for a corn casserole I make, but we don’t eat it out of the can. The rest of our veggies are frozen as well as a few different bags of fruit. A big part of why I like the frozen is there’s nothing but the veggie. No added salt.

    I meant to mention on the other post, I’ve had the Logitech keyboard and mouse hook up immediately sometimes and sometimes not. I think that’s more on the laptop rather than their stuff though. But like you, I keep a corded mouse around as well. You never know when the touchpad on the laptop is just going to funk out and quit working.

    • I keep getting told by Google, hosting site, ad manager, etc. that I need to do this and that to improve site speed, etc. Every time I follow their advice something gets screwed up – and half the time I don’t know it because it looks okay for me. I am now implementing baby steps, waiting a week, more baby steps. We’ll see,
      Funny – I love canned asparagus but not canned green beans. We ate a lot of ‘peas & carrots’ when I was a kid.