Grilled Chicken Pasta Salad; a new plan — 4 Comments

  1. Living alone means not really needing a plan but thats also helped by having food shops one minute away

    • I have only lived within walking distance of a store for 1 year of my life – and even that was a long walk.

  2. We too have been spending more time on the deck, watching the bunapocalypse happen in the yard, listening to the birds and just generally enjoying life a bit more. Hubs is back to work and has been for a few weeks, but still, it changed us. I too used to shop once a week but now go when I need to and that’s generally when I’m out of milk so ten to fourteen days for me as well. Thankfully, our big box store has a great selection of wine and I can pick it up on my grocery pickup day so it’s all good. 🙂

    I like this recipe! Easy, quick and we’re like you in that we’re eating more when we’re hungry now and also like to let things ‘set’ until we’re ready for dinner. Makes for a more easy going lifestyle.

    • We were sitting on an open porch last night with friends, having a glass of wine, enjoying the view and commenting on how we have slowed down and are enjoying the simple things more…. Then realizing how awful this same period must be for families in apartments with children. Makes us even more appreciative/