Miso Pasta; lettuce thieves — 6 Comments

  1. I’d guess birds, although I would expect them to be visible. It’s not going to be hedgehogs — they are carnivorous (slugs and snails mostly)

    • So… I want hedgehogs but need to protect from birds…. always something. I bought netting. We shall see

  2. Good grief! You’ve had the proverbial, if it wasn’t for bad luck, going with your garden this year. You may never learn, without the help of a camera or trail cam, what’s eating the lettuce. I remember mentioning that last year, I lost one cuke plant. Out of four. And never lost another. The fence is too small for even the little babies to get through, I saw no slug trails, no little footprints, nothing. It was just…gone. I never learned what did it. You might not either.

    Have you thought of netting? You could use that over the lettuce. I buy netting for my grapes. It’s lightweight or you could put some dowels out to help hold it up.

    We like warm salads. I make my potato salad while the potatoes and eggs are still hot. I’ll definitely have to try this one.

    In the meantime, I was gifted an almost 100 pound rhubarb plant a couple days ago. I’m just praying it survives. My poor little rhubarb plant this year didn’t yield more than about 4 cups, almost not even worth making a crisp with. Almost…

    • I bought netting. They are already recovering, after 1 day. I have had no luck with rhubarb. My mother, the expert, didn’t believe me. She said all you do to grow rhubarb is stick it in the ground and stand back. She had black dirt. I have red clay. Good luck.

    • No – the leaves are bitten off from the top. I thought rabbits but I’ve never seen any sign. My farmer neighbor says birds… What do I know lol