Pizza Toast; roses & bunnies — 4 Comments

  1. Lilies are toxic so I’m surprised the bunnies eat them. You have very bizarre bunnies though. Mine, and the amount is growing exponentially this year, don’t really eat any of my plants. It’s very odd.

    I made something similar to your recipe this past week, but I used Naan bread. I’d never tried it, there was one package left so I thought, why not? It’s very light in texture after being microwaved to warm it. It also made pretty good pita style wraps. But I do think the ‘rage’ OMGNAANBREAD is overrated.

    • I made naan bread a few years ago…. it was good but I’ve never bothered again. It’s possible the bunnies are getting blamed for deer damage – we have those, too, but not yearly as many. I need a night camera.

  2. Your online shopping is like a lucky dip…fun but also a tad frustrating I am sure !