Shrimp & Asparagus Salad on Spinach; problems? — 8 Comments

  1. IF you are using Chrome, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select more tools and then developer tools. Make it as low on the screen as you can. You probably don’t want to look at the messages in the console.

    NOW right click on the refresh curly arrow and select “clear cache and hard refresh”

    It will clear your cache for JUST this site and do a fresh reload.

    • Thanks – Even after I cleared the cache my site worked for me…. no idea why, But I have 2 other computers (hubs, laptop) I can use fora checking stuff. I just need to remember to do it. It’s too easy to think everything is working.

  2. I can see these pictures and this looks yummy!

    We have a friend who’s mother has half an acre of asparagus and every year, I am gifted about 15 pounds of the stuff. We get tired of it after 8 or 10 so I blanch and freeze the rest, but this recipe…I have some frozen shrimp I’m trying to decide how to use, the asparagus and I’m going shopping tomorrow so…voila!

    • The hubs would be in asparagus heaven with that much…. I could (and have) made it everyday for weeks and he’s happy.

  3. I just looked in both Firefox and Chrome, and everything looks normal in both. This shrimp dish looks fabulous! It’s the height of asparagus season here now – we just got two big bunches from our favourite vegetable store that, thank goodness, has been open as an “essential business” throughout, so we haven’t HAD to do all our grocery shopping at the super market. (Flour JUST reappeared at the supermarket – nick’o’time – we were down to the bottom of our 10 kg bag.)

    Bravo to the fellow parking his asparagus truck in your bakery parking lot! And bravo to your town council for allowing him to sell from his truck in that spot (or for turning a blind eye if it isn’t allowed).

    So far, as of 2 days ago, only one of the farmers’ markets has opened (with some major restrictions, which include designating “a single entry and exit point”) – about a 40 minute bike ride away. The announcement allowing the markets to open again was made last Friday. Our local farmers’ market (about a 3 minute walk away, located on Mondays in a park – ie: barriers, exit/entry points will have to be set up for the market) has just posted that they are still waiting for the city to reissue their permit, and hope to be open “by the end of June or first week of July”! The Saturdays farmers’ market that takes place in a parking lot by the lake about a 15 minute bike ride away has not yet announced when they will open….

    How I miss being able to get farm-fresh eggs, recently harvested spinach and/or beet greens!

    • Farmers can get away with just about anything here, and at the moment everyone is very sympathetic to their plight – crops and no where to sell it
      I can now find ap flour, and yesterday found 1 bag (kg) of organic semi-whole wheat, Strangely, all of the brands I used to see have been replaced by flour from Italy…. still not what I want, but strange.