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Smoked Salmon & Peas with Creamy Gnocchi; the potager — 6 Comments

  1. First, I envy the fact that you can get smoked salmon any time. I love smoked salmon. 🙂

    I might have mentioned last year about my monarch ferns and my little oak tree that both got decimated by I have no idea what. This year, I trimmed one side of the little oak (I’d thought at first that it was a hickory tree but…) and placed a small rod next to it and strapped around it to help it grow straight. The leaves were fairly large for the size of the tree and it looked so healthy! So I circled both with chicken wire, thought I’d solved my problem and then, this morning…

    Both the tree and half the fern are once again decimated! I have cedar mulch around them and there are no slug trails of any kind. The wire isn’t big enough on the top to let a deer get her head in and it’s also four feet tall and the little tree was only about 7″ tall. I’m baffled. Out trail cam died so I need to get a new one and place it at ground level to try and see what’s going on. There’s some fern left. I’m sure whatever’s eating them will be back.

    Also, something ate ONE green bean plant again this year in my garden. One. There’s no way an animal can get in there and there are no slug trails on the edges of the raised bed. *sigh*

  2. It’s all so frustrating. Would a squirrel do that? Or a raccoon? I sometimes think birds do stuff like that just for fun. I know rabbits do. And I’ve seen rabbits clime our 5 ft fence when the dog is after them.
    As to the bean… do you have magpies?

  3. I don’t know. I wouldn’t think so. The chicken wire is only a 1.5″ 2″ opening so I wouldn’t think the rabbits or squirrels could get through there. Maybe a chipmunk, but I haven’t seen any at all this year.

    No, we don’t have magpies. We have crows, always in a group of three except this year, they picked up a fourth so I’m thinking it might be an offspring. But they never go in my garden at all. Nor my flowerbeds. It’s so frustrating.

  4. I don’t think chicken wire is sturdy enough for them to push through. I’ve had a rabbit get stuck in the chain link lol
    Yes, it’s all very frustrating…. I don’t know how farmers do it

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