Teriyaki Chicken Barley Salad; watchful owl — 6 Comments

  1. Oh seeing that owl would have been such a highlight. I don’t think I have ever seen one in the wild

    • I have seen one on our roof before but this was the first time I got close to one – for for a few minutes which was really amazing.

  2. We are going to wait a few more weeks before venturing into Bordeaux. Like you my stocks from the Asian supermarket are running low but at least I was able to get the preserved ginger for my husband’s favourite biscuits from the spice stall in our local market.

    Owls are amazing creatures . A Barn Owl over-wintered in our barn for a couple of winters before we moved here. We never saw it but it added to the patina of our 2CV! Years ago we raised a Barn Owl fledgling at the same time as we had a kitten – the interaction between the two was most interesting. We have also been fortunate to have a Giant Eagle Owl take up day time residence for a week on two different occasions, in a large tree outside the front door of our previous home. The other birds were most upset but he ignored them completely and only moved just before dusk each evening.

    • We didn’t venture in to far – doc rdv, and Eurasie was all. But I’m well supplied again.
      Owls are fascinating. But you had a kitten and an owl at the same time? Wow! We hear one often now in the evening – I assume it’s the same one I saw.

  3. In our previous house that backed to a nature center, we would watch them flying through the trees at night. I missed that. When we moved here, we hear them occasionally, but I hadn’t seen one. Then last fall, I was looking across the road and like you, thought someone had worked on the phone pole because there was a huge piece added onto the top east side of the pole just above the crossbeam. As I turned to get my binoculars, it moved, then spread its wings and flew at the house, just going over the top. Biggest owl I’ve ever seen and I feel so lucky to have watched it.

    I never thought to use barley like this, but I think I’d like it more than pasta in this instance.

    • We often see them as props in the bird display’s at summer festivals. To see one in nature was truly wonderful. He watched me so intently. The hubs had just trimmed the trees there so he may have been there more often but never visible before. I hope we didn’t spoil his hunting perch.