Bread Baking Babes Bake Birotes — 10 Comments

  1. Wear a mask 😷 absolutely but if you do a generous social distance and you enjoy these sourdough rolls at an outside picnic, you can take your mask off to eat these.

    • Masks are mandatory here as of Monday. Earlier they were hard to get. Most people have been wearing them all along.
      Now I need a picnic

  2. Ah!! That’s what a love to see. An attractive alliteration actively abounding along. (Is this why Karen chose Birotes Salados? Just so you could achieve such brilliance?)

    I’m a little surprised (actually, I’m not really – Google-translate is somewhat literal and hasn’t trained its robots to do a little extra research about the things they are translating) that the translation for Birotes Salados isn’t “Savoury Baguettes” rather than “Salty Rods” – because one of the translations for “Salados” in Google translate from Spanish to Englsih is “savory” and one of the translations for “baguette” in Google translate from French to English is “rods”.

    • I use Google translate for French a lot – then spend a lot of time correcting it lol.
      Alliteration is so underappreciated. But the breads look very appreciated.

  3. Thanks for the roundup. Salty Rods indeed! I think not! But I do like the idea of a picnic – virtual or not! It gives me an excuse to make some more of these rolls.

    • They look like they would be good for the French pressed sandwich – made overnight with lots of marinated veggies, then pressed, and sliced to serve.
      Now I really want a picnic

  4. Eight out of, potentially, twelve isn’t bad for a summer bake. Thanks for doing these round-ups each month!

  5. Lol, it seems as if we were assiduously avoiding the use of that particular beer. Quite a wide range of looks in our roundup, very nice!