Coleslaw, Tangy Dressing; memories — 8 Comments

  1. I might have to go back to making dressing. I’ve gotten terribly lazy in that department and now buy the Marzetti Original Slaw dressing. I used to make my own italian style dressing as well, and sometimes, I still do that, but not so often anymore. When you have a husband who has no taste and mixes whatever bottled dressings are in the fridge, together on his salad and calls it good…you get the idea. *sigh*

    • When we first moved here there were no bottled dressings – none. There are a few now, but I have gotten so used to making my own, as needed, I’ve never even been tempted to try one. When I have a salad for me for lunch, I just mix up a bit in the bottom of the bowl.

  2. That’s a cute story Katie! We have “small family” restaurants here in Ohio. The one in particular has an amazing Italian salad dressing, everyone has asked for it. It has to be the best kept or the only the secret in our town. Everyone is so tight lipped! Anyway, that’s great you have your secret recipe. Recipes are to be shared and enjoyed. We all know that ONE person who won’t share recipes or leaves out an ingredient ! It’s so frustrating, because everyone cooks differently, and it doesn’t taste the same as the original person has prepared it anyway!

    • There was one other person in this restaurant that was entrusted with the recipe. But it was their ‘signature’ dish. I’ve never eaten since it was sold so I have no idea if the dressing went with the restaurant or not.