Giant Stuffed Cheeseburger; problem solving — 4 Comments

  1. You don’t have hamburger buns there? Or at least something that mimics them? I love a great burger. When we go out to eat at a new place, I usually try the burger first if they offer one. It’s like a true test for me. If they can get the burger right, then the rest of the food must be pretty good.

    You made a comment to me about your cukes always being bitter. I noticed this year especially, the three I picked were bitter! I have no idea why that is. But I’ve also noticed in the past that they’re more often bitter than not. I think I need to do some research into why, but I don’t think I’m going to plant any next year.

    • There is something called a hamburger bun but I’m fussy. I remember the old ‘bar burgers’ from when I was young, fried on a griddle, toasted bun, dripping onions… Sigh…
      My mother told me that if your cukes were bitter it was the soil and there wasn’t much to do about it. I quit trying. I miss them – and I miss making pickles.

  2. I love a burger but never want the bun…so your oozy cheeseburger is my sort of thing.

    • I love one with the bun – but even if I lived in the US it would probably be a once a year treat. I now prefer these…. easier on the hips lol