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Pesto Linguine with Smoked Salmon; a wee rant — 4 Comments

  1. Unfortunately, America has a love affair with wrong/made-up/off-the-wall words for things where they think the ‘new’ word will make that thing kitschy or current or ‘hip’. It doesn’t. It’s silly. And the worst part of it is the younger generation looks at you when you use the word correctly as if you have two heads.

    I’ve found the same thing with my herbs. Slower to start but much bigger when planted in the ground as opposed to any kind of planter. Maybe it’s got something to do with the ability of the earth to regenerate certain things the plants need. Not that it does that to everything, but the natural composting of the plant detritus might have something to do with it. I dunno.

    • We were quite devastated to read that ‘irregardless’ made it in to the dictionary. Of course I remember when ‘ain’t’ became a word, also lol
      I am giving up on trying to figure out my garden this year….. But I say that every year. Must be a glutton for punishment.

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