Turkey, Feta, White Bean Salad; bat in the house — 2 Comments

  1. I’m jealous. They paved the road in front of our house and after much wrangling and waiting until the nesting season was over, took most of the trees the bats around here nested in. That was three years ago and though I’ve had a bat house up all that time, we’ve not seen one since. I love watching them and with all the lakes around us, they were extremely efficient at keeping the mosquito population down. 🙁

    My garden is…less than stellar this year. The almost two weeks of 95+ temps didn’t help, but the pepper plants I planted over a month ago now haven’t grown at all. I did manage to harvest a small pan of green beans so we’ve had one side dish from those and I got one cucumber. I’ve counted 7 tomatoes between three plants. It’s a bad year for gardens I guess.

    • I just keep telling myself that every year there is one thing in the garden that is great and another that is abysmal…. sometimes I just have to wait to find out which is which. The thought doesn’t relieve my stress, however lol.
      I didn’t realize that bats nested in trees. There is our cellar, I love watching them come out at night.