Why Should You Use Electric Food Steamers? — 3 Comments

  1. Probably the only veggie I don’t steam is corn on the cob. For years, I’ve used the Ziploc steamer bags in the microwave with no problems. Recently, though, I bought a Marna Piggy Steamer which America’s Test Kitchen recommended. I just put whatever I want to fix in the bowl or on a plate, cover it with the Piggy Steamer and zap it. Makes me smile every time I use it and it performs beautifully!

    • And that is the one I always steam lol. No corn for us this year. My seeds got lost right after lock-down started and I won’t bother with the horrid, tough stuff they try to pass off as sweetcorn here.
      I love that Piggy Steamer!!!! (Just googled it). Amazon France must surely have it…..

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