6 Ways to Keep Your Coffee Hot

I committed the cardinal sin of coffee drinking this morning.

It wasn’t intentional I assure you.

I’d walked the dog, had my breakfast, and enjoyed my first cup of coffee while sorting email and checking the sites I have to look at every day (analytics, blog data, usage stuff). Then I went out to water the potager, herbs, etc.

Done with my early morning chores I made myself another cup of coffee and sat done to enjoy a quick read of the news headlines.

Before I even had a sip I heard a voice by the gate. It was a beautiful morning and all the doors and windows were open. It was my neighbor. I foolishly did not grab my coffee before walking outside. An hour later, when I got back to my chair my coffee was cold.

I pondered the situation for a minute and then did it….. I put it in the microwave.

I like hot coffee. I’ve used a an insulated thermos, a cosy, small ‘coffee warmer’ electrical plate and more in an effort to keep it hot. I finally found a pottery mug that keeps it hot long enough for me.

If you are the same – read on for some ideas on keeping the morning cup steaming:

Early in the morning, you get your coffee going and finally pour yourself a cup. Then, you run to get dressed and do your morning routine and come back ready to enjoy that first sip. You take your first sip and realize it has gone completely cold! I doubt that this is how you imagined starting your day.

The joy that comes with a steaming cup of coffee is hard to describe, and it is one of those things that define the day for many coffee drinkers. And while many coffee lovers have perfected the art of brewing the perfect cup every time, a large number of us still do not know the best ways to keep coffee hot.

However, keeping coffee hot is quite simple. As a matter of fact, there are countless methods that you can use and many of them will not require you to buy any special appliance.

There are many ways to keep coffee warmer. In the following text, we are going to discuss about keeping your coffee warm for a long time that helps meet your needs. Hopefully, these ways will help you keep coffee warm and will never have to face drinking cold coffee-

Before we get into the best ways of keeping your coffee warm, we should break down some common myths about maintaining hot coffee temperature.


Some people think that these ways will keep their coffee warm, however, that’s completely wrong. Let’s take a look.

Hot plates

You might think using hot plates can be perfect for your coffee to heat up, but it is not. It is pretty much a portable stove. It is good for preheating food, but not for coffee. It uses direct heat, so it will generate high temperatures that can send the coffee from horribly cold to hot.

Every coffee lover should know that using them to keep coffee hot is a bad idea as it will continue brewing the coffee which makes it bitter and over-extracted.


The microwave always seems like the perfect appliance to turn to when we need to reheat something. And so it is very tempting to throw your coffee into the microwave to reheat it, but this is not a good idea. Although it might heat the coffee, the heating mechanism will leave you with unevenly heated and burnt coffee.

Coffee is a one-time usage kind of product. Reheating reorganizes the chemicals and completely ruins the flavor.

Ways to keep your coffee hot

Now, here are some real ways to keep your coffee hot. There’s no need to use a microwave or warm-up plates, you can do it only by following these advice.

Use a thermal carafe coffee maker

The thermal carafe is the best way to keep your coffee hot. Usually, they are insulated and keep the coffee for hours. They are more portable and convenient than glass carafes. Furthermore, a coffee brewer with thermal carafe usually has better construction and quality.

Preheat your cup

As a coffee drinker, you should develop a habit of always preheating your cup before brewing coffee into it. The fact that many coffee makers will come with a cup warmer should be an indication of the importance of preheating coffee mugs and cups.

By preheating your cup before you can pour in the coffee will raise its temperature and prepare it to maintain the coffee temperature longer. With a cold cup, your coffee will lose some of the heat to the cup, and this means that your beverage will get cold relatively faster.

Thermal mug

One of the most obvious ways to keep your coffee hot is to put it in a thermal mug straight after brewing. These gadgets are specially designed with insulating materials such as stainless steel, plastic, and silicone, that can keep your coffee hot and steamy for up to six hours.

On the other hand, a good thermal mug can be quite pricey. Besides keeping your coffee hot, it will also be very helpful in preventing spills and leaks when taking your coffee on the go.

Metal coffee beans

These beans are designed to keep your coffee hot. All you have to do is heat and keep them inside of the coffee, they will keep your coffee hotter for longer.

Additionally, they are big enough so you do not have to worry about swallowing them.

Cup sleeves

Cup sleeves are widely available and they will offer an inexpensive but highly effective way of keeping your coffee and other beverages hot. The main purpose of the cup sleeves is to prevent hand burns by the hot coffee but in the process, they still do an amazing job keeping your coffee warm for long. A cup sleeve can be made of various materials which include neoprene, paper, or knitted wool.

In addition, these sleeves work as an insulator that keeps the heat from the coffee away from your hands which means it will be retained in the cup for the beverage to stay hot longer.

Car cup warmer

If you are looking for an effective solution for keeping your coffee hot when in the car, a car cup warmer will be a good buy. Moreover, act as a portable cup holder that helps keep your coffee firmly in place when driving.

Cup warmers will plug into your car’s outlet and will make use of heating coils the same way electric kettles work. But the main problem with car cup warmers is that they will require your vehicle to be turned on to work, and so every time you stop your car, the coffee will start to cool down.


That last idea I will have to pass on…. It’s illegal to smoke, drink or eat while driving here in France.

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