Bread Baking Babes Score Bigly — 13 Comments

  1. Ha! I love the way you managed to deflect away from the fact that my slashing failed pretty much miserably! Even though we have a swell new popsicle stick blade holder!

    This Bread Baking Babe bungled blading bigly. What a good thing it is that the others scored perfectly!

    (Popsicles aren’t anything like they used to be. They’re taste-free. But they do have handy sticks….)

    • There was a song about popsicle sticks when I was a kid….. How sad that they’ve been watered down. I fondly remembering racing my bike through town, eating my popsicle.
      Very fun challenge this month.

      • How brave of you to eat a popsicle and ride a bike at the same time!! Weren’t you worried about the stick suddenly getting caught in your throat if you hit a bump in the road?

        It’s entirely possible that popsicles taste the same as they used to, and I have just become snobbish about them. But to me, they just taste icy and overly sweet. Additionally, the fake-fruit flavouring is overwhelmed by the lurid colour.

        • That’s true Elizabeth! (Being brave comment.) I rode my bicycle while holding an umbrella… long story short, the bicycle ended up riding me. Never made that mistake again.

          • I have often seriously considered the idea of riding a bicycle while holding an umbrella… I will learn from your experience, Kelly!