Cherry Tomato Sauce — 9 Comments

  1. I’m confused. Google has the nerve to tell you that your recipe is wrong? Really??

    I mentioned what I do with cherry tomatoes the other day. Did I mention that I saute everything in butter before I add the tomatoes? It makes the ‘sauce’ a bit stickier. So far, I got three tomatoes. We’re on a roll! :/

    • Regularly…. They don’t recognize the photo; there is a wrong line in the Instruction list (they don’t like bold lettering in certain places) etc. Sometimes it’s actually something I coded wrong; sometimes it’s right. Either way I have to address it and ‘validate’ the fix. The really frustrating ones are when they tell me there is an error on a page that doesn’t exist. Yes, that happens, too.
      Butter adds a lot to tomato sauces I’m learning. I’m getting back into the butter habit.

  2. This is quite similar to our tomato sauce. Except ours has 3 ingredients: really ripe plum or field tomatoes (we get them on the sale shelf at our vegetable store – a large basket for $1), olive oil, salt.

    I’m curious. Is your butter salted? If so, our recipes are identical!

    • The butter is salted. I like this because it’s the only use I’ve found for a glut of cherry tomatoes, I tried freezing and didn’t like the results, and putting them with regular tomatoes doesn’t work. Totally different flavor than regular tomatoes.

      • Yes, you’re right. Cherry tomatoes are sweeter than regular tomatoes, aren’t they?

        Alas, unlike you, we do not have a glut of cherry tomatoes. Our neighbours have lots, and they keep giving them to us. But we cannot stop halving them and eating them fresh on toast. They’re so so so good!