Grilled Chicken and Potato Salad; It’s easy, he said — 4 Comments

  1. Oh what a delightful outing …I have never ridden an E bike but could be persuaded to try one…just for the hills of course !!!!!!

    • It was lovely,…. and the E bike would be nice for the hills, but mine is pretty easy when I remember to shift lol

  2. Neither of us do anything on bicycles anymore. We both have one bad knee, hubs has both bad. I still walk, but he doesn’t do well with that long distances either. He is getting better though. They’ve only opened one door on his building at work so he goes through all of the checks and temps and such, grabs his mask then walks a bit more than half a mile to get to his department. Yup, he’s getting better. But it will never be great. Maybe we should look at the electric bikes…

    • He really loves that bike,,,, I’m afraid we’ll be buying one when this one has to be returned, It’s only on loan for a month, – But then with new quarantines going into effect who knows?