Grilled Cumin Chicken Breasts; iffy wifi — 4 Comments

  1. There’s a special adapter that can connect an Idevice to the HDMI on a smart(ish) TV. We often use that on the back patio.

    I hesitate to recommend a chromecast, because that uses the wifi too.

    • We bought 2 new TVs at about the same time. The big one is barely smart Netflix and a browser that doesn’t browse. The cheap, little one for the kitchen is totally set-up for everything. We learn – too late lol

  2. I’m wondering if your actual router is going. I got rid of our ISP’s router/modem since it cost me $140 a year to ‘rent’ it and bought a modem and router and it works much, much better. And now I get a consistent signal which had started to fail with the company owned you-must-rent-our-equipment one.

    And that’s too much cumin for me. I’d have to cut it back by half. 😉

    I have a chest freezer. While I like the fact that when I open it, all the cold stays inside rather than running down the front of an upright, I can’t ever find anything in it. The next one will be an upright.

    • The router is fairly new. Our line strength is so abysmal that I get new routers regularly in their effort to give us a decent connection We’re supposed to be at 2000mbs but it’s rare.
      That is why I don’t have a chest freezer. I know where everything is in the uprights so I’m quick. Tomato soup on 1 shelf, zucchini on another, meat on a third, etc. The hubs isn’t allowed.

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