Single Serving Stuffed Zucchini; Sponge Mouse — 8 Comments

  1. Great mouse story! the squash are cuties. I love having things like mushrooms, onions, bacon in containers cooked and ready to stuff in things like cute zucchini balls.

  2. I could put this ‘stuffing’ over some mashed potatoes. I think that would be lovely!

    Poor little mouse. I’m so glad you saved him. I use live traps, but I do take them about a mile away. Everything I’ve read says if you don’t take them that far, they’ll find their way back in. I used to take them way out to the back of the field which is our yard. I’d invariably find them back in the house a couple days later. Since I’ve been taking them so far away, I’ve not had them back for the season once gone.

    • We have so many mice I could never keep track. But this is the first one we’ve had all year. We had rats this spring… I think they kept the mice away. One got in the house and knocked stuff of the mantle – and then got into the pantry and took a bit out of every potato. It took weeks to get rid of them all.

  3. for some reason your story made me think of the movie Titanic. Maybe his name was Jack Mouse? I am going to have to find some zucchini balls those are cute and look delicious!

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