Three Bean Salad; cat tales — 6 Comments

  1. Queen Anne Cordial Cherries. Not sure why anyone thought them an appropriate gift for the person who delivered their paper.

    • No – I took Guapa inside and rubbed her down with a wet cloth. She hates water so we have to be careful 😉 The pool would have been better – for me

  2. Poor kitty!! I hope it comes down. Sometimes, they’re so traumatized though, they spend days up there and need to be rescued, you know. Just saying…I hope Guapa has recovered.

    My husband will LOVE this recipe! I’m not a big wax bean fan so I generally don’t eat anything but green beans and kidney beans and that group is fine, but they’re legumes. 🙂

    It was 95 here yesterday. It’s just hot.

    • We had 8 days of above 95F with 3 of them above 100F It was miserable – esp for the dog. Spent a lot of time with cold, wet clothes rubbing her head and ears. Cats around here all run loose so it was probably experienced. And I think the wisteria was easy to climb down. It was gone when I checked a few hours later.