Green Tomato Pickles; Green Tomato Relish — 6 Comments

  1. I just grabbed a bunch of green (really green) tomatoes that were on the ground. I’m guessing it’s from the frost we had the past couple mornings. I’ll be trying the pickling on them. I hate to toss them, but there are so many to turn still that we won’t eat them before they do turn. I don’t have any apples for the relish, but boy howdie do I have peppers of the jalepeno/similar varieties, so I’m sure I can do something with those and a lot of the tomatoes as well. I won’t eat them, but my husband will.

    • Mine were really hard, green ones. I just took the best and through all the iffy ones in the compost. I still had too many, but it was fun and different. Hubs is happy. He can add hot sauce.