Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Mushrooms; the new bike — 8 Comments

  1. I shudder with you on canned mushrooms although I must admit I ate them in my childhood. I love fresh. And pork tenderloin in all it’s guises is what I consider an easy fabulous meal.
    LOVE the canals of France. That’s a great photo!

  2. I keep trying to convince hubs to get something electric for his mile walk to his department now. GM only has one door open on his building and of course, it’s all the way across campus from his department. If he wasn’t getting both cortisone and ‘chicken’ shots in his knee, the walk wouldn’t be bad. He has no place to store it overnight though and so far, everything I’ve looked at has been pretty hefty so…

    We Love pork tenderloin. This is a good recipe for my box. Tomorrow, we’re going to try chicken thighs wrapped in bacon on the smoker.

    I keep a can of mushrooms in the pantry at all times. While they’re not my favorite, they’re fine on the frozen pizza I keep around as well for that one night when I have nothing else. I agree though with the fresh veggies and someone else shopping for them for me. I got lucky once or twice, they shopper actually pulled what she’d have bought for her own family, but overall, the shoppers just grabbed whatever and so I gave up.

    • you can get collapsible electric bikes – which is a great idea but with a pretty hefty price tag. The one the hubs was borrowing was too heavy to put on the bike rack, the one he bought, which was more expensive, is much lighter and he can lift it up to get it on the rack. He has to lift it over his head and has a bad shoulder
      I think a lot of the ‘shoppers’ here still live at home so don’t cook themselves, Makes a difference in choosing veggies.

  3. Love the bike! I always stock up on a large jar of dried mushrooms when in Paris at G Detou. They are so handy to have in the cupboard! They rehydrate easily, or just toss in as is to a soup.

    • I used to get dried mushrooms but I don’t see them here. Next time I go to one of the fancier stores I’ll look. And I would guess the Asian market will have them. Thanks – I’d forgotten.

  4. This looks grea! but could I substitute chicken for the pork. I’m not a pork eater. My husband is thinking about purchasing an electric bike for me so I could keep up with him on bike trails! I hope your husband enjoys his.

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