Red Peppers Stuffed with Beef & Barley; houseboat in the locks — 7 Comments

  1. I will absolutely eat this without the peppers. Maybe I’ll stuff tomatoes with it instead. 🙂

    Do the houseboats leave for the season? Where do they go? I’m not sure I’d like living like that. Too claustrophobic for me, but I’d love to live in one of those empty lock keeper’s houses.

    • I don’t think so. There is plenty of room in the boat as the ceiling are quite high inside. Some of them will slide to open up to the sun. It’s was hard to tell on this one. Once it got high enough there were lots of windows so we could see the interior. Looked quite nice!

    • Actually, that is a great idea – but, I must confess, the mozzarella was an error. I often copy the instructions from a different recipe to give myself a head start on the typing and I missed that. Sorry about the confusion.
      But great idea with the cream cheese!

      • I wondered if it was a copy/paste error. But anyway the cream cheese worked well. I thought the dish was rather tasty and would make it again. I like the texture of the grain in the stuffing and it was very savoury. A good one for prepping in advance. I’ve frozen two stuffed peppers, so we’ll see how they emerge in due course.

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