Shrimp & Gnocchi, Pesto Rosso; the locks — 7 Comments

  1. I am of the mindset that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with cooked and peeled shrimp that’s flash frozen. I use it often. I also use gnocchi that I can just toss in the frying pan though my gnocchi of choice is supposed to be boiled. That kind, I use with sauces so I don’t have to boil it. And there’s nothing wrong with jarred pesto as I’ve found out.

    Didn’t you ever visit the Soo locks?I did when I was young. They were fascinating to watch.

    • No, I never did… so close, yet so far away. I grew up near Lock & Dam #5, Mississippi. There was a bluff just above it, with a park and we could sit up there and watch it all. Or get right next to it at river level. It was the hubs favorite part of visiting my family lol

  2. Ha! I love your “do as I say, not as I do” instructions! The shrimp and gnocchi with pesto rosso look wonderful!

    Equally wonderful are those photos of the locks on the canal. So lovely! Is there a good tow path for bicycling alongside for those who don’t have a boat? I hope so. I hope so!

    • There is a very long, paved path for bikes and walkers – no horses. It’s almost the entire length of the canal which runs from close to Bordeaux to Toulouse where it connect to the Canal du Midi. We see lots of people with saddle bags that I assume contain tents, etc. for doing the whole route. We just enjoy our section lol

      • Way back in the last century, we rode on the Canal du Midi. It was beautiful! But when we got to the section of the tow path that was just a narrow dirt path overgrown with grasses (nearish Carcassonne), we were compelled to move over onto the D-route.

        That was such wonderful riding!!

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