Wake Up to the Wonders of Coffee-Flavored Sweets

I keep trying to maintain my reputation of being a cook, not a baker, but I must confess I dearly love sweets.

But I don’t like all sweets. I need strong flavors, not just sugar. Even as a kid I never ate the cotton candy at the local fairs. I pass on white cakes (bakery cakes, wedding cakes, birthday cakes – never touch ’em). I love fruit desserts – but tart fruits, not overly sweet. Chocolate is always a favorite but add some coffee to the mix and I quit sharing.

When someone offered to curate some coffee infused sweets for me I jumped at the chance. There are at least 3 that I’ll be making – even during the pandemic when we will have to eat it all ourselves.

And my very favorite time to eat dessert? For breakfast of course…. with coffee.

Read on:

It’s easy to let the days blur together, especially if you’re working from home. The sameness of each morning can make it hard to drag yourself out of bed and start the day. That’s why spicing it up with some coffee-infused treats can make a real difference in your morning.

So, here are a few great recipes for coffee-flavored sweets that are sure to make your morning, or anytime, extra special.

Mocha Brownies

This recipe from Fresh April Flours is one of my favorite mocha recipes. Gooey brownies are made even better with coffee. Truly delicious.

The coffee extract you use in the recipe is also a great thing to keep on hand. It’s great on vanilla ice cream or used in cocktails. It’s simple too, just brewed coffee and a little time on the stove.

Coffee-Flavored Ice Cream

This great recipe from Marsha’s baking addiction would be great added to made ahead iced coffee to make a morning milkshake with a serious boost of caffeine.

While the recipe says you can use instant coffee, it’d be a great recipe to sub in brewed coffee you make at home. That way you can control the flavor and freshness of your brew. Just sub out the same amount of coffee as she uses instant crystals and water.

Coffee Biscotti

Can there be a better morning than dipping biscotti into a fresh cup of coffee? Add in a book and some morning sunlight and I’m in heaven. Add in a double dose of caffeine in the coffee biscotti and I am in love.

I love the use of almond flour in this dish. It adds a ton of flavor and allows me to share with the gluten-free members of my family.

Mocha Chocolate Icebox Cake

I love making icebox recipes. There’s something so fun about them – maybe it’s their vintage charm. It feels like something your grandmother made for your grandfather when they first started dating.

This cake is by Ina Garten herself and features a lovely mix of mascarpone cheese, coffee flavor, and chocolate. Just keep it in the fridge, and you’ll have a lovely treat just waiting to perk you up in the morning.


You can’t have a list of coffee deserts without mentioning the classic – tiramisu. There’s a reason it’s considered a tradition. It’s delicious, has tons of great coffee flavor, and is no-bake. Just layer ingredients and pop it in the fridge.

This recipe from Tastes better from scratch is a great pick since it doesn’t use any raw eggs. Safety first!

So, Get Baking!

Coffee-flavored treats are sure to perk up fall mornings. Dessert for breakfast can feel like the ultimate indulgence, which can be a great way to enjoy this stressful time. Make coffee, grab a delicious coffee-flavored pastry, and watch the leaves turn gold.

Did you try any of these? Have a favorite coffee recipe? We’d love to hear about it! Comment below.

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    • I love coffee and chocolate, and I coffee desserts, but I drink my coffee black – except when I’m in Spain. Their espresso with milk is wonderful!

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