Beef & Vegetable Lasagne — 8 Comments

  1. I Love listening to books as I walk. Usually with earbuds because that’s often people on the trails.

    I tend to use 1 earbud, so I can hear things, like rattlesnakes!!

    • Just having it on allows me to listen and hear everything. I’m alone on the country lanes so it only bothers the occasional horse or cow. I’ve never gotten used to earbuds…. I will, someday

  2. Guapa is still in good health considering?

    I’ve never had broccoli in my lasagna. I’m really a traditional kind of gal and I’ve always used the base recipe on the Creamette’s lasagna box. But the sauce has always been mine. Oddly, for years now, long before the no bake noodles came out, I’ve just put the noodles in ‘raw’ and let them cook in the sauce.

    And no, the only time I have spinach in any kind of lasagna is Stouffer’s Vegetable lasagna. (a tiny guilty pleasure) 😉

    • She’s good – but showing her age. Some mornings we go for almost the full walk; other mornings she sits after a few yards and just stares at me. We go back.
      Creamette’s is still around? I’m not sure I could even find traditional lasagne noodles here. I’m always adding stuff…. can’t leave well enough alone, as they say lol

  3. Yes France in trouble with high all Europe. Melb just about to ease things. ..but still no retail. Like you I just walk and walk and walk !

    • I wish Europe would just get on with it, impose another lockdown and get it over with. It’s inevitable (in my opinion) As long as they don’t make me stop walking like they did in the spring lol