Chicken and Spanish Rice; fall crocuses — 15 Comments

  1. I make a similar dish, but saute the peppers separately for hubs, take my rice out and then mix them into the remaining for him. I’m sure it would be tastier if they were all cooked together, but at least he’s getting peppers so he doesn’t complain. It’s one of the few rice dishes he likes.

    We’ve had very weird weather here again. I picked my green tomatoes and pickled them with jalepenos and whatever the other two peppers were that I planted (thanks, crows!) and got four quarts out of them. I did my sauerkraut and it started fermenting like mad and now suddenly, it was down to 39 last night and didn’t make it to 50 today so will take twice as long to ferment enough to can. And the tomatoes I didn’t pick because they were starting to turn red have probably gotten as far as they’ll go now so… *sigh* Some days, I understand what the farmers felt like 100+ years ago with no irrigation or other aides to help.

  2. You grow peppers but don’t eat them?
    We’ve never had our heat on this early, or had fires this early. We have rain and cold forecast for the next 10 days, I guess we’re having a 2 season year in 2020…. why not? After a summer drought and watering ban now it’s too wet for the farmers to harvest.
    I’ve got to try making kraut….

  3. Nope, I grow them for him. He eats them raw, pickled, sliced on his salads, tosses them in soup…so I guess why not. It makes him happy.

    Homemade sauerkraut…there’s nothing like it. It’s delicious. Much better than anything you’d buy in the store. Just kosher salt (NO iodine!) and cabbage shaved really, to about an eighth inch. I try to buy my cabbage just before the really cold weather starts, like what we’re having now, because it’s a bit sweeter but still has enough liquid to make its own brine. I don’t have to add any distilled water to fill the pot. I got 10 gallons this year, so I’m trying to hang onto my canning lids for the kraut first and then I’ll can my other stuff.

    Email me if you want and I’ll give you more details and some tips. But you’d love it! 🙂

    • The problem is getting the white cabbage. I see it occasionally, 1 or 2 heads, all peeled back, I even buy it sometimes. The norm here is the green or Savoy cabbage.
      On the other hand, there is pretty good kraut here, thanks to the Alsace influence. I buy it at the deli counter and I have a choice or ‘raw’ or cooked – the cooked having a bit of white wine and juniper berries added. It’s nothing like what I used to buy in a green can in the US that had to be thoroughly washed to make edible.

      • I do use green cabbage. Just regular green cabbage. Savoy is a bit too delicate, I think, but it’s better in cabbage and noodles than the green, though I’ll eat cabbage and noodles either way. Unless your green cabbage there isn’t green cabbage here? But you know, you could grow your own next year…

        • What is called white cabbage here is what is just considered normal cabbage in the US. It’s the common cabbage in Ireland and Germany but not here.

      • Also, I never, ever eat sauerkraut from a can. The fermentation reacts to the metal. I’ll buy it in a plastic bag in a pinch, but even the glass jar, you can taste the lid.