COVID-19 and At-Home Cooking Habits: Statistics Show Significant Change — 5 Comments

  1. The pandemic changed food shopping in Morocco quite dramatically. Online grocery shopping did not exist prior to thus year…huge step forward…though pity it took a pandemic to see it happen

    • I wonder if any country will go back to the daily market visit. I’m quite happy with my new ‘every 2 weeks’ routine

  2. We’ve changed. We didn’t used to plan ahead – but would often bicycle over to the vegetable store every day. It took us a while to get accustomed to making sure there were enough vegetables to last for a week. We’ve also been even more vigilant about using up everything in the fridge – making “next-overs” (my sister’s term for “left-overs”) so that one dinner can be turned into several dinners.

    I wonder if these habits will stay with us when the world returns to normal.

    • I have never lived where I had access to a store easily. Always at least 10 minutes by car away, usually more like 20 or 30. As I hate ‘running out’ – both in the sense of leaving the house and in not having what I need, I have always been a menu / list person. For my 2 week shop (when I don’t have my own veggies in the cellar) I plan on fresh the 1st week and frozen the second.