How to Bake a Cake From Scratch: A Guide — 6 Comments

  1. I’ve only used a boxed cake mix a couple times. I usually make mine from scratch. Boiled frosting is fairly easy and really just a matter of butter or shortening. And I use the all purpose flour, not cake flour. I rarely bake cakes so keeping cake flour around seems…I dunno. Easier to use an all purpose one.

    • It seems like my mother used Karo syrup but I don’t remember more. I make pumpkin and cranberry breads at Christmas – that’s about it unless we’re entertaining and we’re not doing that at the moment. A 2 pound bag of sugar usually lasts me at least a year.

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  3. Mum always made all our cakes from scratch too. Except Angel Food. She used a box for that, until my dad was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Then she revised “Whacky Cake” (one-pan cake) by omitting the cocoa powder and using sifted white rice flour instead of all-purpose. It made the best cake – especially when served with whipped cream and strawberries!!

    Your Orange Cake with Orange Glaze does sound wonderful. But, but, but… I want your mom’s chocolate layer cake with too much chocolate fudge frosting!

    (We never had cake flour either, except by mistake once. Mum always sifted the flour for cakes before measuring it.)

    • My mother always sifted the flour…. I always forget. You can bake with rice flour? I had no idea. I’ve never seen it here but, maybe, at the ‘bio’ store.
      I want my mom’s chocolate layer cake with fudge frosting….