Shrimp with Gnocchi, Sage & Parmesan; winter — 2 Comments

  1. Sage is not an herb I like very much. My grandmother used to make sage stuffing and it was mostly sage with a bit of stuffing. As a small child, that was just overwhelming to me and I never acquired a taste for it. I think it’s one of those love/hate flavors.

    I’ve taken to living in sweatpants. I buy them from Hanes and they’re okay enough to go outside in though I wouldn’t go anywhere else in them. But they’re comfy and warm and since this has all started, I’m really all about comfort.

    Also, I have a farmhouse style house with a center staircase and two bedrooms up. Neither of the bedrooms upstairs even have a closet. I have two closets in my house. A 4X8 and a small coat closet for an 1800 sq foot house…yeah, talk about no storage…

    • Yes – love / hate. Like me and cilantro (hate). I agree – I’m all about comfort and warmth at the moment.
      When we first moved here, to Ireland, we met a young woman who had lived in New York for a few years. She said before she moved back to Ireland she very stringently, cut her wardrobe in half, knowing she wouldn’t have room. After she arrived and found a place to live she cut it in half again. And still had too much.
      You need armoires ! Several….

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