Shrimp with Gnocchi, Sage & Parmesan

Shrimp & Gnocchi

We love sage and use a lot of it. Adjust to suit your own taste. Or substitute fresh parsley or another favorite herb.


  • 8oz (250gr) shrimp, cleaned
  • 1 tbs olive oil
  • 8oz (250gr) fresh, skillet gnocchi
  • 3 tbs good olive oil
  • 3/4 cup (3oz, 90gr) Parmesan, freshly grated
  • 1215 fresh sage leaves, roughly chopped


  • Heat 1 tbs olive oil in a skillet big enough to hold gnocchi in a single layer.
  • Add gnocchi and sauté over medium heat, tossing frequently, until lightly browned, 6 – 8 minutes. 
  • Remove gnocchi to a plate.
  • Add remaining 1 tbs olive oil, shrimp, sage, and fry until shrimp is cooked through, 5 – 7 minutes
  • Return gnocchi to skillet, add 2 tbs good / salad olive oil and heat through.
  • Remove from heat, stir in Parmesan and serve immediately.


I used ‘skillet’ gnocchi, which doesn’t have to be boiled first. If you use the traditional gnocchi, cook in boiling water just until it floats, 1 – 2 minutes. Then proceed in the skillet as above.
Shrimp are done when they turn opaque and curl.

Keywords: shrimp, parmesan, gnocchi, sage

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