Braised Beef in White Wine; a good day — 12 Comments

  1. This looks delicious! Perfect for a cool fall evening. I agree about the shopping. I haven’t been inside a grocery store months. I do miss going g to some of our smaller, local shops to just browse. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

    • I really miss browsing – and window shopping and Christmas markets. This too shall pass.
      Thanks – those cool evenings are here.

  2. For me too…it was dark brown sugar for cookies and brownies…it was the only foody thing I could not find a substitute for in Morocco

    • Strange, isn’t it? The French just don’t seem to use it. It’s not even in French gourmet stores. The store I buy it in is an ‘English’ store – all British foods.

    • Cranberries are often tricky for us to get at this time of year – how ironic that the ones you got came from Canada. Generally, what we find come from the north-east coast of the USA. (Hmmm, are all the Canadian cranberries going to France??) And congratulations on getting cranberry beans! Those are my absolute favourites. Although… black eyed peas run in on a very close second.

      • Cranberry Beans are delicious…. And I considered myself very lucky to find cranberries this year – cranberry bread and ginger cranberry sauce coming up!
        The black-eyed peas were wonderful – the hubs favorite, so far

  3. I can’t seem to comment on the recipe anymore, but just wanted to let you know I’m making your Slow Cooker Honey Soy Chicken today, recipe from 2017. I decided to drag out my slow cooker which I have used about 5 times total. I want to be around to make sure it is still working right, so lockdown is a good time to “be around.” I’ll tell you how it turns out!

    • Comments on older posts are disabled – too much spam, sigh. Lockdown does lend itself to dragging out the old stuff, doesn’t it?
      I hope the chicken turned out well. I use my slow cooker a lot in the winter – so I can sit in front of the fire longer.

  4. To add to bcinfrance, I often have a hard time commenting now as well.

    This recipe is exactly the kind of comfort food we’d love and I too would do it in the oven. I usually do anyway rather than the slow cooker if the recipe calls for browning the meat first. Can’t see dirtying up extra pans.

    I usually buy cranberries when I see them and then just toss them in the freezer. They’ll keep about a year or so and it’s so nice to have ‘fresh’ cranberries rather than canned. Our local big store was really well stocked last Monday when I went. I can imagine what it looked like by Wednesday when our newest ‘lockdown’ started. But the only thing I couldn’t find anywhere it Coke Zero. No, I don’t drink it. It’s hub’s drink of choice. I haven’t had pop in a couple years now. But there is no pop to be found. Any brand, any kind. Must be the new toilet paper…

    • I keep trying to find the answer to the comments problem, but nothing is clear. As it works for me with no issues it’s not something I can test easily.
      When you freeze the cranberries do you go through them first to get rid of the bad ones? Here I usually have to toss about 5% of them before I use them.
      Plus I primarily want them for quick bread, so I’m not sure if frozen would work. We gave up our Coca Lights a few years ago. I’m just a water drinker now – and coffee, of course.

      • I don’t go through them unless I can see bad ones through the bag, but you could and just put them in a plastic bag after and then stick them in the freezer. I’ve found that they have the same ‘water’ content frozen or not so just toss them in the batter when I’m making scones. It doesn’t seem to make a difference and they defrost so quickly.

        Sometimes, I don’t see the comment box. Sometimes, I see it, but it’s just the box and no email/name/website area and nothing I do makes that show up. I turned off all of my ad blockers and such quite awhile ago but it didn’t make any difference. There’s still a lot of things I don’t see. Maybe it’s Google’s ad stuff that’s stopping it for some reason since I’m on Chrome though I admit, I haven’t tried it on any other browser. I don’t know how many plugins you’re using, but I found that often in WordPress, all it takes is one that doesn’t play well with the others and it will mess up all of them. :/