Cauliflower Rice Gratin; time troubles — 5 Comments

  1. There’s a lot of information on what bats do in the winter in France, but they pretty much hibernate below a specific temperature. They exist pretty much on bugs, so unless you have bugs flying in wintertime, the bats will most likely hibernate or move on. I love bats. They devour mosquitoes by the truckload.

    I buy ‘riced’ cauliflower and am always looking for recipes for it and I think this will be a keeper. I like gratins so this will do nicely 🙂

    I’m doing my decorating for Christmas starting this weekend. When Thing One was a year old, my mother died. I buried her Christmas Eve morning. For several years, I went through the motions for the girls, but finally realized that as much as my mother loved Christmas, she’d be so disappointed in me if I didn’t pull myself out of my funk and really let the girls enjoy it. I look forward to it now and am always a little saddened when I have to take them all down.

    • That is a bittersweet memory every year.
      I started thinking it was a waste of time and energy to decorate the whole house for Christmas here – when no one ever saw it but us. A few years ago I decided that we were important enough so I do it and enjoy it. I take my time and let my mind wander down memory lane while I work. And I watch stupid Christmas stuff on TV while I work lol
      I’ve never tried ‘riced# cauliflower. Maybe this year.

      • I do the same thing! I take my time, though I watch old Christmas movies on TV or sing along to the radio, and work until I’m done. Sometimes, it might take a couple days, but you’re right, we count just as much as far as enjoying everything. And yes, it’s bittersweet, but I have my cry and then I remember the good things.

        Riced cauliflower looks just like potatoes you’d put through a ricer, but they keep their shape unlike the potatoes that mash. And yes, in the frozen veggie section though you could do your own with a ricer or food processor.

  2. I discovered cauliflower rice on my recent move back here to Melbourne and I love it…i have it several times a week in fact.. its the most versatile thing !

    • I’ve never seen it here – but I’ve also never looked. Maybe at the frozen food store. That’s a good excuse to go there again 😉