Essential Factors to Consider when Building a Wine Cellar

We live in France.

We have a cave (wine cellar). Everyone does.

When we lived in the Vendee it was underground. Here it’s tucked into a low corner of the barn.

It’s also our fruit & vegetable cellar.

Our wine cellar got it’s start thanks to Haskell’s Nickel sale when we still lived in Minnesota. When we first started regularly drinking wine we would buy 1 or 3 bottles every week. Then we heard about the semi-annual Nickel Sale – buy one and get another for 5 cents.

Oh. My. Yes.

The habit of buying wine twice a year stuck. I realized that I spent more per bottle if I bought 1 or 2 bottles than I did if I bought 30 or 40 bottles that were on sale. Buying at the semi-annual sales also let me plan my purchases better. Here all of the big stores have a spring and fall wine fair. I can splurge on a few ‘nice’ bottles knowing that they are offset by the ‘nothing special is going on but we want wine’ bottles.

In order to do that, however, one has to have a place to store them so they keep. We’ve always been lucky with caves and other dark corners to use. In MN we had a basement – dark and dank, but the wine was stored high up on ledges which worked well.

If you are not so lucky, read on for some advice. It’s geared toward a professionally done cellar but, even for a D.I.Y job you can get some tips and ideas:

Creating your very own cellar of wine is a fun but difficult job. You need to couple creativity and expertise, and these two are often challenging for many homeowners. What you can do is to call experts in your area to plan, design, build, and make the project worth your while.

Getting the professionals’ help can make you realize your vision of creating an excellent cellar inside your home. You will be able to correctly place a cooling system in the wine cellar, measure the entire area, get an excellent cooling appliance, and calculate the racks’ lengths to ensure that they will fit nicely into the room. Here are other factors that you need to consider when you are building a cellar for wines.

3 Important Factors in Cellar Creation

wine cellar

1. Your Design Specifications should be Considered

Each cellar is different, and you need to have one that represents your personality and tastes. You don’t need to create a sub-basement that’s similar to that of your neighbors or friends. Instead, you can design your own based on your needs and preferences. Some of the details that you should take into consideration when building the best storage room can include the following:

  • Number of wine bottles that you plan to store
  • The design and style – Contemporary/Classic/Traditional/Combination
  • Type of racks – Metal/Wood Frames
  • Specific requests on how you’ll display your favorite bottles
  • If there’s a need to entertain guests inside the room
  • Inventory management and long-term storage to ensure that the bottles stay the same

Some experts will produce a design in 3D that will be subjected to your approval. You can contact them and make sure that they have done these projects in the past to render drawings and designs for you quickly. After you are presented with the initial concepts, you can both make some small changes to accommodate other needs or requests that you may have.

2. Engineering Aspects and Other Technicalities

The goal of building a cellar is to construct a climate that is conducive to wines. The ideal temperature will safeguard the taste and ensure optimum aging as time passes. This is where the technical and engineering aspects come into the picture. Some of the technical things that should be considered are the following:

Installation of Efficient Cooling Systems

The cooling system should be stable, and it should have the right humidity and temperature. The refrigeration systems designed exclusively for wines may meet this requirement, and you can find plenty of options in many HVAC companies today. There are many efficient HVAC units in the market today, and all of them are designed to preserve your bottles for a long time.

Installation of Premium Vapor Barriers, Cellar Doors, and Insulation

Since the cellar should be well-insulated and tightly sealed, you need to have the right type of vapor barrier. The climate in the room should be regulated and maintained. Getting high-quality insulation and doors will ensure that heat will not leave or enter easily. Additionally, the cool environment stays at an optimum level for a long time.

The role of the vapor barriers is to prevent any condensation from building up on the walls. If there’s no barrier that consists of vapors, the resulting moisture can decay the wooden materials inside the room, including the wooden racks. There’s also the possibility of mold growth, and this is something that you should avoid at all costs.

Insulating a storage area can require three different materials. They can be made from spray foam insulation, fiberglass batt, or rigid foam boards. You can know more about rigid foam insulation on this site here. You can refer to the experts to see which ones will suit your place best, but the most recommended one is the spray foam insulation. For climate-controlled cellars, you need to properly install the insulation and place them where the bottles are.

3. Uses of Materials

You need to carefully consider the types of materials you will use on the floors, racks, and walls. For custom-made ones, wood is the most used material. You can choose from mahogany, redwood, and pines because these are the most beautiful and durable.

You can get in touch with experienced professionals to know more about custom offerings about wine racks. Others look stunning after assembly, and the overall look is something that will amaze many homeowners. The time-tested durability of wood products is also one of the factors that many connoisseurs are looking for.

If you want to get a traditional look into the cellars, some companies offer reclaimed oak barrels for the floors. They are sustainable and environmentally friendly. The popular materials are those that are time-tested and stunning to look at, and this is why many homeowners love them. If you want to get other options for the floors, you can choose among corks, hardwoods, marbles, and tiles for a unique overall look of the room.

Why Calling the Experts is a Smart Choice?

If you decide to work with the experts, then you are certainly making the right choice. The pros can save you time, money, effort, and an unsightly cellar. They know what to do and how to gather the things that you need.

You won’t have to stress out in the entire project while creating a custom storage area that suits your needs. They will present you with information and show some of their previous projects to give you an idea of how they work.

Once the work is completed, you will be impressed with the results. Each intricate design matches your personal style, and your aged wines will be in perfectly good condition. You can begin collecting bottles of expensive cabernet sauvignon that will make your friends appreciate you with delight.

With the experts, you can share your input and ideas with them in putting your very own cellar. They will support you from the inception of the project, getting the materials, measurements, and deciding on the racks. They can also provide you with itemized costs for constructing your wine storage space and making sure that they will fit into your budget. The work will be hassle-free, easy, and fast, and you will be amazed at the results.

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