Meatball Vegetable Soup; quick Oatmeal Biscuits — 7 Comments

  1. I’ve gotten lazy over the years. Now, I use a tablespoon sized cookie scoop (or whatever size I need, I have several sizes) to do my meatballs and I bake them on parchment in the oven. It makes it easier to toss in what I need and I can freeze the rest if there’s too many though really, there’s rarely too many.

    • Nah – tossing them into the soup is lazier lol. I have never owned a cookie scoop, Actually, I didn’t know such a thing existed until now. I assume it’s used in place of a spoon for drop cookies?

      • You can use them for drop cookies, chocolate, all sorts of things and they come in a variety of sizes. I have a set of three similar to this one, but I bought them a long time ago when the original Chef catalog went out of business. (Now they’re owned by someone else) But I use them for melon balls, the big one for ice cream…lots of things. And when I toss my meatballs right in the soup, they have a tendency to fall apart a bit because I add a touch of milk to keep them really moist and I think that makes them more fragile.

        • I remember the Chef Catalog ! The things I have missed out on by not having scoops…. Part of it would be that we love ice cream but I never buy it. And I couldn’t be bothered with melon balls – we eat it too quickly.

          • I started relying on them more when my arthritis started getting worse in my hands. I can still form the meatballs and drop cookies, but can’t hardly use my hands the next day if I do. So I tried the scoops and they just work really well for me. I did just buy the most adorable ice cream scoop because I’m tired of hubs bending all my spoons and I do like a little taste of ice cream occasionally. But only the lactose free stuff so I buy Breyer’s. Or when we have company and I’ve made pie, they’re nice to have as well.

            We used to have the family here both Christmas eve and Christmas morning but now that the girls are married, it’s just the two of us. Unless the weather is really bad, then they’ll stay over. But I made fruit salad to go with breakfast and used to use the scoops for the melon in that.