Stuffed Peppers, Asian Style; a new feline friend — 3 Comments

  1. I don’t know if you remember they styrofoam coolers they had around here that are slowly being phased out. There are organizations here who use those to make feral cat houses for the winter. There are a lot of plans on the interwebs on how to make them. Just something to consider.

    I have a couple cats that keep coming by. I don’t know if they’re feral or owned, but they spray the back of the house and I really can’t stand it anymore. I got a live trap with the intention of taking them to a rescue to be checked for a chip and if they didn’t have one, the rescue would find them a new home. One where they don’t get to roam about. So I put the trap out, baited it with a little tuna…I caught two raccoons! Or I caught one raccoon twice. So…trying to figure out something else now.

    • We used an Amazon box – he hasn’t gone near it yet. I don’t know if he is feral or abandoned. I have no idea if we will ever be able to get close, but he has come in the front yard a few times to stare at the house lol.
      The only raccoon I have seen on this side of the pond was in a zoo. We laughed so hard when we saw the ‘North American Raccoon’ exhibit I thought we would be asked to leave.

      • He might be using it at night and you don’t see him. Or it might smell too much like Guapa and he just won’t use it. Finicky. You made me laugh with the North American Raccoon Exhibit! I see them all the time on my Ring cameras here as well as flat on the side of the road, poor things.

        Makes me wonder how the raccoon got over there…

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