Choosing the Finest Organic Wine Australia Winery — 7 Comments

  1. I’m not a wine connoisseur. I know what I like though and there are a few small wineries close to me that make fabulous wine. One makes a cranberry wine that is my absolutely favorite. Beyond that, when buying in the store, I do buy Australian. I buy Barefoot wines and their Barefoot Bubbly for New Years. They’re ridiculously inexpensive, but actually very good. Most of the expensive reds I was buying all tasted like vinegar. Maybe I just don’t have the palate for them, but at least I’m not pouring wine down the drain now.

    Now! If you’d rather talk something like Scotch…I’ll take a single malt Macallan Any Day! 🙂

    • I’ve learned a lot about wine since living on this side of the pond – and one important thing is how to drink it like a local meaning finding great wines for a little money. It’s a challenge and a game to get the best for the least. I’m appalled at the prices when I go back to the U.S.
      As to the whiskey…. Our friend in Spain had an extensive collection of whiskey which was started by his first f-i-l before WWII. I think he had well over 300 bottles. He also drank a lot of whiskey and when he bought a special bottle for his collection he bought at least one more to drink.
      And his son, who inherited the collection, hates whiskey !!!

      • I can’t imagine not enjoying whisky, but most people who don’t, don’t drink it correctly either. My mother was from Scotland so whisky was always in my life, first with a hot toddy and later of course, having a wee dram before bed, I have one bottle that’s about 80 years old, but I don’t enjoy the blends as much as the single malts so I’ve never opened it.

        The cranberry wine I love is relatively inexpensive so that’s a good thing. The winery is actually owned by a fairly big apple orchard here. Spicer’s. They’re open year round and are really just a wonderful place for our community.

        • According to our friend – add a small amount of water if you like, but never ice, and sip. He always had the 2 glasses by him when he was relaxing – 1 for whiskey and 1 for water, about an inch on each.
          We became rather fond of having a Hot Irish when we lived in Ireland…. whiskey, sugar & lemon
          Never had cranberry wine but I loved my mother’s rhubarb wine.

          • I’ve never had rhubarb wine and I’ve had some cranberry wines that are…less than desirable. But Spicers’ is fantastic.

            According to my grandfather, one cube was okay provided it would only melt to half as much whisky as in the glass. And you were to swirl it to release the oak and other undertones prior to drinking. Unless of course it was going in said hot toddy 😉

  2. It always shocked me seeing Aus wine in Morocco…I certainly didnt buy as the Moroccan wine is so fabulous and cheap