Shepherd’s Pie; cold — 6 Comments

  1. Pilebon the down jackets and fill your hot water bottle is my advice and pray that its an easy fix.xx

  2. I remember the wires down fiasco! I’m so sorry about the heating. I hope you’ve had someone out by now.

    I make my shepherd’s pie with pork. I know, I know, but he won’t eat lamb so whatever you want to call it, if I call it shepherd’s pie, he remembers and will ask when we have a roast if that’s the leftover menu. Oddly, as british as my grandmother was, I’ve never had cottage pie, but I’ve had my share of steak and kidney pie. I must be one of the few americans who actually like it.

    • I’ll pass on the steak & kidney pie…. But I do like to use l/o pork. I’ve even done it with turkey. It’s the potatoes and gravy that I’m after.

  3. So when I made Shepard’s pie with beef it wasn’t Shepard’s pie … still it was enjoyed.
    I would always like unpeeled potatoes.

    • I’m not nearly as fussy about names as my proper British neighbors are. They’d be appalled that I didn’t peel my potatoes, too. lol