Turkey Cutlets, Lemon-Soy Glaze, my new friend — 2 Comments

  1. Beautiful new friend! My dad kept horses and I miss them terribly. Nothing, truly nothing beats a soft nose like they have. But take a carrot or really, some greens rather than an apple. They can cause ‘choke’ and then you won’t have your friend anymore.

    I can buy turkey legs, turkey wings, whole turkey, Butterball’s ‘rolled’ turkey breast (which is really good in the slow cooker) but no turkey cutlets unless I break down the whole bird. :/

    • Carrots! that solves the problem of the extra carrots in the fridge that often waste away. It’s funny how things differ… I have no idea what is done with the rest of the turkey here, but the cutlets are usually all I see other than at Christmas when I can buy legs, whole breasts and whole turkeys. Otherwise not at all, not even frozen. I buy legs for soup