Bread Baking Babes sow some oats — 11 Comments

  1. Yeast would definitely be acceptable if you don’t have a starter going (the recipe in Laurel Robertson’s book- the one that got us started on this kick – that my friend made calls for regular yeast rather than wild yeast).

    In the overnight leavener mixture, instead of 60 grams whole wheat flour, 60 grams water, and dessert spoon of starter from the fridge (about 30 grams), I would be inclined to try substituting with 75 grams whole wheat flour, 75 grams water, and not more than 1 gram (a stingy half teaspoon) yeast to leave overnight. And then proceed with the recipe. …I think. You might want to add a tiny bit more yeast in the actual dough as well.

    Many thanks for this roundup. I know I say it every time, but it’s so nice to see all the breads together. Do try the toasted oats thing. It’s quite delicious.

    Ha! I thought you were going to do a little play on “Mairzy Doats” because isn’t it way too early in the year to be sowing?

    • Since I learned the real words to the song it’s no longer as much fun,,,, (Mares eat oats and Does eat oats…..)
      My house is probably too cold to keep a starter alive – I gave up. Maybe when spring comes….
      The round-ups are fun for me to do 😉

      • You don’t have to throw half out. We don’t, thanks to Jane Mason in her book “All You Knead is Bread”. She can’t stand waste either. Nor can I. I get so miffed with all these bread cookbook authors who keep claiming that it takes weeks to get a starter going, along with their ridiculous instructions to use up colossal amounts of flour each day (sometimes twice a day) as if home cooks are creating starters to run small bakeries. {stomp}

        And I hear you about “cold house”. If I were you, I’d wait until late spring to get started too. (But when building up our starter to become a leavener, we leave it in the oven with only the light turned on. The temperature there is around 30C, as opposed to between 10 and 15C in the rest of the kitchen….

  2. Ah Katie, every new starter is a totally unique individual: some are moody, some are happy, some are full of energy, some are lazy. Right now my two babies are full of energy and oozing happiness. Further development may take another path. At this point in life and mask wearing I don’t have much tolerance for lazy or moody. I know Elizabeth just said it again but I will to: It’s always so much more to see all the breads together.

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