Lamb Pot Pie; spring? — 6 Comments

  1. Flowers! It’s been snowing here off and on for three days. I love snow. I’m ready for warm though and it’s only January.

    I do that too, keep the juice from roasts and things. I can always find another way to use it so into the freezer it goes for another meal.

  2. I’m really with you on the economy of this recipe! I love using leftovers that I classify as fresh overs. This fits that perfectly and looks terrific.
    Glimmers of hope are to be savored like a lamb pot pie but right now my glimmer here is dim: looking at 17°F and 3-4 inches more snow in the next few days and no vaccine in site.
    BUT the sun is shining on the snow and we have fresh bread out of the oven so there is always something to be grateful for. Have a great day.

    • Our vaccines are slow, too. Frustrating, but I just hope the Gouv. gets it sorted soon. Starting to get tired of it all lol
      Leftovers are wonderful. I find I am getting tired of cooking (could be cold winter blues setting in)

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