Pasta with Duck Confit Sauce; a plan — 8 Comments

  1. I’ve never had duck confit. I’ve never seen canned duck! Never. Either not enough people would buy it to justify the stores in our area carrying it or they’re not sophisticated enough to want to try it.

    I, like you, usually lose my way this time of year regardless of lockdown. The weather isn’t conducive to going out more than pushing the dog out and dragging him back in, there’s only so much you can clean over and over and over again, and our bigger projects, like finally putting closets in the two bedrooms (which aren’t really bedrooms according to our state because they don’t have closets) upstairs aren’t something I’m allowed to do. That’s one of hubs’ projects and he ‘can do it himself’. :/ So I do specific things on specific days and the rest of the time, I read. Or crochet. Or…something. And long for the warm weather to get back out in the gardens.

    As a side note, yesterday morning, it was five degrees here. And it’s snowed for two days. Can we say stir crazy? 😉

    • I have no interest in cleaning. I’ll do it in March when I can at least open the windows for some fresh air. It’s been so windy we’ve had to close some shutters so now we’re in the dark, too. Yes, stir-crazy here as well.
      The duck confit comes from the ducks raised for foie gras – and the French eat a lot of both, The breast are sold separately, like steaks…. We actually like them better than steaks.

  2. It’s amazing how accessible duck confit is in your corner of the world. When I have made confit recipes on my blog, you often tell me how cheap it is in France while I have to pay $12 minimum for two shrink-wrapped leg quarters. I love making pasta sauce out of it because it spreads it out nicely. Your pasta looks great and it seems to me if you are cooking and writing blog posts, you aren’t doing nothing.

    • But I’m not doing anything fun!!!! But neither is most of the rest of the world. It’s more just lack of ambition, for me, I think. I’ll get over it with some sunshine. – also like most of the rest of the world.
      As to the ducks – raised for foie gras, then the legs and wings go into confit and the breasts for the grill. We have a little shop that sells nothing but duck in all it’s forms – except whole for roasting. I rarely see that.

  3. I am a real ‘cheater’ when it comes to duck. I just hate all the mess, so I order it at one of our Chinese restaurants. I cannot wait to try think wonderful sounding dish. Every year Costco sells pre-cooked Breast-leg combos, this would be a great 2nd meal from it, too. since I don’t fry food I don’t need the duck fat. perfect for a cold February night.

    • And it is a mess. But I try to clean it all up first or I destroy my oven and cook top. Nice cheat from the Chinese restaurant. Our closest one is 40 minutes away lol. As to Costco – I’ve never been in one, but my S-I-L in Hawaii loves the one she goes to.