Bread Baking Babes star in Non, Non, Nan(ette)

Anyone besides me remember that?

Actually, I don’t remember it either….. I just remember the title No, No, Nanette.

The Babes actually made ‘Non / Nan’ for the big February anniversary party. And they got very fancy with it, using stamps, and other kitchen tools.

More about that later.

I was seriously contemplating baking the bread this, for our ‘Baker’s Dozen Anniversary’ but, after having a look at the bread (which looks fantastic) I realized I didn’t have the right stuff…. so to speak.

Tanna, of My Kitchen in Half Cups, and our host kitchen for this month, has assured us that, though the bread is quick and easy to make, she has not made it 3 times in one day.

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

It’s a small loaf, only taking 1 1/2 cups of flour, and she says it can be started in the morning and ready for lunch.

I like that…..

She also says that, even though she has beautiful bread stamps, they really aren’t needed. One can use things more commonly found in the kitchen. To read more, and try your hand at this lovely loaf, get all of the info at My Kitchen in Half Cups.

About the name….. some say non, some say nan, some even say naan. You decide.

As to the stamps – I here one can find them in Uzbekistan.

Tanna’s Non / Nan

Elizabeth’s Naan

Judy’s Non

Cathy’s Non/Nan

Karen’s Non/Nan

Kelly’s Nan

And that’s it for the Babes in February.  Happy Anniversary Babes !

Stay Safe, Healthy & Patient. Get your shot when you can
And keep on wearing your mask!!!

And the Babes are:

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8 thoughts on “Bread Baking Babes star in Non, Non, Nan(ette)”

  1. And I hear/understand the stamps are very inexpensive in Uzbekistan! Would that we could travel…baking this bread is as close to travel as I’ll get for some time…but. Wow wouldn’t that be fun.

  2. I remember the title No No Nanette! I might even have watched a hacked up TV version of the 1940 movie on Stardust Theatre back in my misspent youth, or Siesta Cinema if I was sick enough to stay home from school but not sick enough to have to stay in bed – although the posters on the movie pages don’t look at all familiar. (But whoever did the programming for Siesta Cinema LOVED Victor Mature, so maybe it was Siesta Cinema….)

    You really don’t need an official stamp at all to make this bread. It IS fun to have them though. Also, Tanna is right; if you use instant yeast, you can mix the dough at 1pm and bake the bread just in time for dinner.

    And. It’s a small point, but just so you know, I spell the bread “naan”, even when I use our Tartine bread dough to make it. (Where IS that rope-skipping sheep when I need it?)

    • Fixed !
      I think I must have seen it – one of those late night tv movie channels that I always stayed up for (when I wasn’t supposed to) and then fell asleep. But I’ve always remembered the name lol

  3. I love Doris Day. We got to hear the most wonderful symphonic arrangement of Tea for Two as an encore to a evening at the symphony some 17 years or so ago. I couldn’t tell you what the pieces were for the main program, but that Tea for Two was unforgettable. And some people missed out on it because they left right at the end! Definitely need to try more renditions of the non, I think I will always put flax seed in because I adore the flavor. But I definitely want to try both stamps and non stamp items for decorating!

    • I like flax seed – I add a bit to my yogurt most days. And Doris Day…. I’m sure I’ve seen all of her movies, They were always such fun! Memories…..

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