Chicken Cacciatore, Instant Pot; floods — 6 Comments

  1. We too are on a hill so flooding is not a problem for us. Here. But we are surrounded by lakes. Those present a different problem. We also have no curfew here.

    I think your recipe looks delicious, but I have to admit, at least for me, that would take about half an hour to make on the stove which is another problem I have with the IP. I does do killer boiled eggs though!

    • We’ve had a 6 pm curfew (to 6 am) since before the holidays and, while the numbers are not going down, they are stable so it’s staying. Better than lockdown.
      And it does great beans of all sorts 😉
      I’m getting the pork chops to work, too. Keeps me entertained.

  2. Fortunately the Dronne hasn’t risen as high as the Garonne but the bridge on the one exit of our village has been closed for days with water rusing across the road on the far side. We discovered the supermarket we use for our weekly shopping in a neighbouring town had been flooded and was closed, after we had driven the long way around to get to it. Fortunately we didn’t need any diesel because the only petrol station was flooded as well. It looks like we are living in a very pretty lake area but I feel very sorry for everyone affected by it.

    We haven’t been to Bordeaux for over a year now – I have missed shopping at Eurasie. Unfortunately there is nothing similar nearer to us.

    • I was surprised to find a third one, but it’s much smaller than the others. I prefer the one at Bordeaux-Lac. But at least I was able to get some stuff there. We wouldn’t have had time to go to either of the other ones with the detours., Serendipity !

  3. I agree with about the “faster” aspect of using an instant pot. Only advantage is once the cover is locked, for those 30 minutes, I have 30 minutes is sip some wine! That’s assuming all the side dishes are under control.

    Glad you adventure ended safely

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