Cottage Pie, Instant Pot; plum blossoms — 5 Comments

  1. Actually, that beautiful tree looks very much like the flowering pear trees we have around here that everyone thinks they should plant. That is, until the blossoms die and the tree spends the rest of the summer stinking. Really stinking.

    Now that you mention it, I don’t see a lot of pictures either for IP recipes. Except for the pictures that show supposedly Awesome ribs that I still haven’t been able to get right, so I’m quitting trying. Too expensive. I have no trouble with my Fagor pressure cooker. I don’t get it.

    • Stinking pear tree? Are the pears edible? We had pear trees at our last house (along with plum, peach, apple, cherry…. a whole orchard) It was so much fun to have all that wonderful fruit to make preserves and jams…. the first year it was fun, anyway.
      IP food is rarely photo worthy.
      I prefer ribs on the smoker lol Almost time to get out the barbecue stuff…

  2. I can’t seem to hit the reply button under your comment and get it to work, but no, the pear trees have no fruit. They’re Bradford pears, strictly ornamental. I don’t know why they stink but if you get in the middle of several, it’s awful. Hubs wanted to plant a line of them across our back acreage because they’re extremely fast growers, until we learned that. I’m rethinking that now and leaning more toward an Acacia instead.

    • I have no answer for my misbehaving sites at the moment….. I have hope, but not answers>
      We have acacias in our front garden. They smell wonderful. When they bloom I like to just sit under them and inhale. My French friend tells me that the blossoms make wonderful preserves – and are good to eat. That I haven’t tried. I like to smell flowers, not eat them.

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